Soccer tips PSG distributed 5 slaps in Belgium, Mbappe entered as a reserve and burst into flames

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The Paris Saint-Germain team continues to crunch in the Champions League group stage after 5-0 with Bruges in Group A. After the first three matches, Thomas Tuchel`s graduates have three wins with a total goal difference of 9-0. Mauro Icardi`s goal (7 and 63) and Kylian Mbappe`s hat trick (61, 79 and 83) decorated the scoreboard. Angel di Maya was also up with three brilliant assists.

Thomas Touchel chose a trident with Angel di Maria, Mauro Icardi and Eric-Maxim Chupo-Moting.

In the seventh minute, Mauro Icardi`s summer acquisition made it 0:1. Angel di Maria clears the center with an outside rebound and the Argentine hits the first ball, punishing Simon Minjole.

In the 30th, Keylor Navas paid dearly for his inaccuracy. The Costa Rican did not orient himself well and kicked the ball in the back of an opponent. The orb did not enter the network for a while. Although the Parisians retreated with a bare lead on the break, the better team in the first half was the Belgian, who often attacked and worried about his opponent`s defense.

In the second part, the French team burst into flames. By then Kylian Mbappe had scored three goals in less than one half. In the 61st, he was head-to-head with the extra after Minjole`s poor kill. Two minutes later Mbappe assisted Ikardi, who scored from eight meters into the net for 0:3.

In the 79th Mbappe received from Di Maria, technically feinting defender and goalkeeper and steered elegantly behind the line. At 83, El Fideau again took on the role of assistant. He released a superb pass with an outside rebound for Mbappe, who easily scored against the goalkeeper for the final advised by live soccer events 0:5.



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