Fix game tip Henderson: The goalkeeper is the key to Liverpool`s tenacity

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Jordan Henderson believes that tightness and competition among Liverpool goalkeepers are key factors that keep the team high this season. Although they have played most of their games with the second or even third choice of the door, the Reds have conceded 17 goals in 16 games and still have just two losses - with penalties against Manchester City in the Super Cup of England and 0-2against Napoli in the Champions League.

Alison Becker, who won the FIFA Best Guardian Award in 2019, returned under the frame after a calf injury and his deputy Adrian performed admirably during treatment. Behind the two are Andy Lonergan and 20-year-old Kaoimin Kelacher, who will start today in the League Cup game against Arsenal.

In his column on the match from fix livescores program, the captain wrote: `It`s great that Allison came back and fell into place right away. I congratulate him. We all know how important Ali was to us last season in all tournaments, which of course was well paid withthe awards won earlier this season are all well deserved and all of Melund, as well as our fans, are pleased Ali knows that goalkeepers are a team on the team and they must all contribute what they can to supportLiverpool`s high standards throughout the raceI`m sure Ali knows very well that without the rest of the guys in this team even he couldn`t maintain his elite level with such perseverance. In the summer we parted with Simon Minigolle and it was clear to everyone thatand to be his replacement, he will have an extremely difficult task. However, Adrian did a great job both on and off the field. His task was complicated, but he fulfilled it from above.

Let`s put things aside that have won us some games. Even in the dressing room itself, there is a feeling that he has never been anywhere but Liverpool. His personality reflects with remarkable accuracy his playing on the pitch - he is positive, courageous, attentive and takes care of the team first, and only then thinks about himself. Just like Simon, Adrian can easily be a holder. For field players it is crucial to know that they have a similar person in the lineup.

All this left some other background in the background, Andy Lonergan. It is also important to us. Initially, Loners arrived as an extra pair of workout gloves, but he helped us a lot in preparation and joined the team. His performance in the US was at a very high level, and it made it difficult for us to train.

We were all glad that his short-term contract was extended until the end of the season, because he is also important on the field and in the locker room. Just like Adrian, his character fit in perfectly with the rest of the boys. He is a professional who does everything without error and has the necessary experience to give advice when needed. Laurens is a top goalkeeper and I am very pleased that he is on our team.

Kelleher is not new and shows signs of development. He has tremendous talent and impressed with MK Dons when he made world-class saves. He is short Fix game tip - more details and information: Fix game tip

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