Fix match tip New story option: Liverpool play with two different teams in two different countries at the same time

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The hypotheses of possible solutions to the intricate case with the busy Liverpool calendar continue. The Merseyside qualify for the 1/4 finals of the League Cup after dramatic success over Arsenal, but the same night team manager Jurgen Klop said the Merseyside could opt out of the tournament because they could not handle all their commitments. The calendar overload is due to the participation of the team at the World Club Championship in Doha. Liverpool are due to compete on December 18 when they play the semi-finals. On December 17 or 18, the program should also be 1/4-finals for the League Cup against Aston Villa. The English Football League has already started talks with Liverpool about a possible rescheduling of the match in January. However, this can also cause a lot of confusion, as according to a program in the week beginning on January 8th, the matches according soccer live streams of the semifinals of the tournament should take place.

Another strange hypothesis has emerged in the island`s media today. According to her, Anfield is considering the possibility of coming up with two different bands on two different continents. Even stranger is that they can play the same day. One team made up exclusively of young players to face Aston Villa in the Carabao Cup duel and the other to play in the Doha semi-finals. That would be a historic moment. Liverpool have to announce a list of 23 players for the World Club Championship. However, some of them can stay in England and play the match with Aston Villa, then travel to Qatar to join the team for the final or for the third place match. In such a scenario, the Liverpool headquarters should also be split and one or two of Jurgen Klop`s assistants to remain with the team playing against Aston Villa.

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