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The winner of the latest edition of the Champions League Liverpool achieved a third consecutive win in Group E. The Merseyside outscored the Genk 2-1 and are already in the lead, taking advantage of Napoli`s wrong move against RB Salzburg (1:1). Liverpool have 9 points and the Italians are second with 8. RB Salzburg and Genk will argue for the third position, qualifying for the Europa League. Georgi Wijnaldum found the result analyzed by how to buy fix soccer predictions in the 14th minute, in the 40th Mbwana She evened her head, and in the 53rd Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain scored the second and proved to be the winning goal for Liverpool. The Reds had other situations, but Genk played much better than at home when he lost 1:4.

The loss also deprived Genk of his theoretical chances of reaching the semifinals. Liverpool can also seal their elimination ranking in the next round when they take on Napoli.

Liverpool had a very tough visit to Aston Villa over the weekend, winning with a goal in the extra time. After a few days, the big derby with Manchester City was about to come and, quite logically, Jurgen Klop decided to save the strength of some of his players for the clash with the `citizens`.

On the bench were Sadio Manet, Roberto Firmino, Andrew Robertson and Adam Lalana. Mohammed Salah had the support of the front positions of Divok Origi and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, and the three in the middle of the pitch were Fabigno, Georges Wijnaldum and Nabi Keita. In the center of defense next to Virgil van Dyke stood Joe Gomez and left back James Milner.

Genk coach Felis Mazu, senior, sealed the defensive line and bet 5-3-2 on the system. The two attackers were Mbwana herself and Juno Ito, with Patrick Hroshowski, Brian Heinen and Sander Berghe playing in the midfield.

Liverpool showed a desire to score an early goal to make the match easier, but the visitors also suggested that they could be dangerous in their counterattack. The Belgians defended themselves calmly and made no basic mistakes, but that changed in the 14th minute. After Origi Miller`s pass centered sharply, the ball diverted from two Genk players and fell to Vinaldum`s feet, which reacted quickly and steered it under the beam.

After the hit, the Reds played with even more mood, and the speed difference between the two teams was screaming and Jurgen Klop`s players were easily in good positions. Gaetan Cooke hit a shot at Milner, and not long after, Origi combined with Nabi Keita, who fired, but a defender in white blocked his shot.

Salah was a little scattered in his actions, but was constantly engaging the attention of the opposing defenders. In the 31st minute, Oxlade-Chamberlain skillfully finalized a Genk player and attempted a shot from the penalty area, but the ball met the body of another guest defender.

In the 36th minute Salah broke away and tried a shot, but it was inaccurate. By the end of the half, the Egyptian had missed another opportunity to sign. Genk could have equalized in the 40th minute, but Trent Alexander-Arnold knocked the ball out just before the shot itself. After the execution of the corner no one prevented Sam from jumping and shooting with his head - 1:1.

Right after the goal, Genk had a chance to make a complete turnaround, but Heinen didn`t hit Fix matches - more details and information: Fix matches

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