Fix game prediction Action in Bosnia has started against match-fixing, with 12 being the first detainees

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A serious corruption scandal has shaken football in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the local federation has suggested that immeasurable damage to sport has been done in the country.
Football referees and executives have been arrested together in several cities of the former Yugoslavia today in connection with an investigation into settled matches for financial gain. The investigation concerns matches between the elite and second divisions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, prosecutors said.
The suspects are at risk of launching cases of organized crime, money laundering, corruption and trade in influence. A total of 12 have been arrested at the moment, Bosnia and Herzegovina Security Minister Dragan Mecic announced. The action is in cooperation with the local State Security Agency.
`Work is underway to set up Premier League and Division Two matchmaking, give and take gifts to help arrange financial gain matches for the 2018-19 season, called the wrong black toto, the minister also explained. Some of the suspectsdetention will be requested. `The Minister`s press conference was held in the town of Banja Luka, and the action, called VAR, started simultaneously in several cities in the country.
`For more than a year, I have been looking for a prosecutor in the state prosecutor`s office to tackle the matches in the country, but all those invited have escaped responsibility. Apparently because a lot of money is being turned around and it is not entirely safe, ` the security minister explained. the work of the UEFA-based multinational aid and coordination agency to fight matches mentioned by soccer live streams across Europe, said a senior BiH politician.

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