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Milan still have no losses after the restart of Serie A. Stefano Pioli`s team impresses with its game prediction by record of fix soccer predictions and the positive results that moved it to sixth place in the standings. Last night, the `Rossoneri` defeated Bologna 5:1, and Pioli revealed when the team felt that it could be equal to the best in Italy.

`We enjoy our game. This is evident both in training and during the matches. Bologna is not an easy opponent and to beat them so convincingly means we believe in what we are doing. We have not achieved the goal yetand we need to stay focused on the upcoming matches, `warned the Milan coach.

`During the break we worked very hard, but the main change is in the mentality. Now we are a real team, we have confidence and that helps us. Before we failed to beat the teams above us in the standings, but after beating Juventus and Lazio, we gave a signal. that we are already on another level, `Pioli explained.

`I think the rematch of the Italian Cup semi-finals against Juventus helped us a lot to take a step forward. With a man less we played very organized and disciplined. We all realized that if we were 11 against 11, we could win. That`s when we realized what we are capable of as a team, `said Stefano Pioli.

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