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Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti has said that Caramel striker Richardson should set higher goals and want to score at least 30 goals next season. The Brazilian recorded 37% of all Merseyside goals during this campaign in the Premier League, being accurate 13 times. Earlier this week, the striker told the club`s social media that he wants to cross the 20-goal mark next season. However, according to Ancelotti, Richardson should have bigger ambitions and aim higher. I think he is wrong when he aims for 20 goals. It should not be 20 goals, but at least 30, the specialist told Sky Sports. I had players who scored 60 goals in one season - the names don`t matter. But even in England, Didier Drogba has scored 29 goals in just one season in the Premier League. So, Richardson`s goal should be 30, not 20.

Everton failed to qualify for the European tournaments next season and Ancelotti believes that his team should be more consistent during the upcoming campaign: At home we did well after I arrived. Where we need to improve is far from Goodison Park and the players know that. We weren`t good enough and that`s the step we have to take next season. We need to show better knowledge and a better identity. The key factor is not allowing ourselves to play one game well and then two that we are not so good at. It doesn`t matter if it`s a home game mentioned by fix livescores or an away match, Ancelotti concluded.

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