Fix match Kuman with attack on interim president: Words about Messi do not help

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Barcelona head coach Ronald Koeman did not hide his dissatisfaction with the statement of interim President Carles Tuskets, who said that from an economic point of view, Lionel Messi should have been sold last summer. Such words do not help Messi. We can`t control the comments outside the club, but when they come from the club it`s different. What Tuskets said may be a personal opinion. Leo is here this season and then he will decide his future, said the coach of Los Kule at a press conference before tomorrow`s match with Cadiz.

We reached an agreement with the club on salaries. I don`t know anything else, I don`t care. It`s none of my business. We know that the situation is delicate, but it is the same with all clubs. Yes, I am interested in the topic of stadium audiences. Football should be played in front of an audience, he said.

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Regarding the battle for the La Liga title, Cumann said: He concedes a few goals and takes his matches. However, the season is long and many things can happen. We can`t afford to lose more points. We have to win all the matches by the end of the year. Ronald Araujo is now healthy and joined the group for the match prediction by record of fix soccer predictions with the yellow submarine. According to Kuman, Samuel Yumtiti will soon return to the list.

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