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Exactly three games separate us from the end of the season in the NFL, which, despite the pandemic, is only a few hours away from finishing in all its glory. It was a strange, tough campaign, but it`s hard to deny that it was the top 4 who reached the final straight to Super Bowl 55. Buffalo has suffered one loss since mid-October, Green Bay has the best attack and Tampa Bay is on a 6-game winning streak. from the Hall of Fame one day. Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahoms, Josh Allen and Tom Brady - what more do American football fans need? ! ! Let`s not forget that Brady is in 4 parts of his 10th Super Bowl final. This is more than impressive, given that no other player has played at more than 6

24. 01 of 22:05

Green Bay - Tampa Bay

In a nutshell: A clash between the two best attacks and two of the most successful quarterbacks in the NFL. The Corsairs defeated the packers with 38:10 in the sixth round, but now the hosts are in a series of 7 consecutive victories and an average difference of 33:18. Tampa, however, does not swim, winning 6 consecutive at 35:20. Tampa Bay

1. Start the engines. Brady`s ability to pass attracted the most attention, but Jones and Leonard Fourned led the Tampa Bay attack in New Orleans, covering a total of 169 yards. This against the second best defense in the League in terms of roshers. Green Bay`s defense against such schemes is strong, but the corsairs have arguments to bet on such a style.

2. Do not break in defense. The Packers are the best team in attack when it comes to passes on the third try. Rodgers, Aaron Jones and Adams will have their chances, but it will be crucial for Tampa to keep them in the third pass and not allow them to the final zone. If they fail, Brady will hardly be able to compensate in attack.

3. Without mistakes. Tampa Bay can`t afford a wrong pass or drop the ball. The Corsairs have made only two such mistakes in their series of 6 consecutive victories, and against them Green Bay is even more proud with only one.

Green Bay

1. To stop Brady with four people. It may be a cliche, but that has always been the key to winning the playoffs. Green Bay`s defense is vulnerable and cannot afford to involve more people in Brady`s pursuit. He is too smart and experienced not to see when this happens, and then his passes are deadly. Packers can`t risk more people around him.

2. Jones, Williams and Dylan need to be in rhythm. The trio recorded 191 yards against LA Rams last week. And if the hosts want to have a chance, this must be repeated now. Jones averaged 5. 7 yards in the first quarter and each of Green Bay`s wins, and his team`s three losses were 3.

3. Regular season Rodgers. The quarterback will almost certainly become the MVP of the regular season. However, he is not so convincing in the playoffs, and if Green Bay hopes for more, then Aaron must remember what he did before the eliminations. In the last 11 games forecast by free fix soccer links of Kam Fix match prediction - more details and information: Fix match prediction

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