Fix games predictions The boss of Italian football: I am completely against the Super League

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Gabriele Gravina, president of the Italian Football Federation, opposes the creation of the European Super League and hopes to see `a large number` of fans in Rome at the postponed European Championship. `I am completely against such a league. The roots and territorial integrity of our world must be preserved in any case, ` Gravina, 67, told Gadzeta dello Sport. He is due to be re-elected on Monday against current amateur league president Cosimo Sibilia. Gabriele Gravina has been the head of the Italian Football Federation since October 2018. `The new Super Champions League must be the cause of development. The idea of a Super League must be abolished. UEFA certainly has no idea of interfering with the local championships. I am sure that a solution can be found for Italian and European football. `Gravina added. UEFA is considering setting up a Super League with teams in only one group and playing against ten different opponents. `The discussion about the European Championship, which we held recently, was positive. I hope that there will be a large number of football fans for the matches prediction by football betting partners in Rome, ` said Gabriele Gravina.

The boss of Italian football: I am completely against the Super League Fix games predictions - more details and information: Fix games predictions

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