Fix game prediction Boston has won 20 home games in a row, including last season and the playoffs. This is the 5th such series in NHL history.

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Boston has won 20 home games via how to buy fix soccer predictions in a row, including the playoffs.

The Bruins beat Tampa 3-1 today in an NHL regular season game. Double made striker Taylor Hall.

The victory was for the team led by Jim Montgomery 13th in a row, won in their arena this season. Bears update the NHL record, which was set by them after the 12th victory.

In addition, Boston won the 20th home game in a row, counting the past regular season and playoffs.

There were only 4 such series in the history of the NHL before. The record was set by Philadelphia in the 1975/76 season (24 wins in a row, and then there were no overtime and shootouts in the regular season).

Also, Detroit (23, 2011/12), Philadelphia (20, 1984/85) and Boston (20, 1929/30) gave out 20+ wins in a row at home.
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