Fix match I do not approve of hatred of any races and communities. LeBron on Irving`s promotion of an anti-Semitic film

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LeBron James has spoken out about the scandal surrounding former teammate Kyrie Irving.

Pro-Nets Irving posted an anti-Semitic film last week, for which he was heavily criticized.

Everything is simple. I do not condone hatred of any race and community, Jewish communities, black communities, Asian communities. You guys know my position.

I think what Kairi did hurt a lot of people. In the end, today or yesterday, he did apologize. But he did some harm, and it`s unfortunate.

I`m against giving people problems when it comes to your voice, your platform, whatever. It doesn`t matter what color your skin is, how tall you are, what position you are in. If you promote or incite, say hurtful things about any community, things that hurt people, I can`t respect that. I can`t justify that, " said the 37-year-old Lakers star forward.

Currently Irving Brooklyn indefinitely for not being able to apologize for a long time after posting on social media a link to the anti-Semitic film From Jews to Blacks: Wake Up Black America.

Irving is only a week after posting. Nike`s guidance on putting the Nets superstar on hold and his new signature Kyrie 8 model will not be released.

A Jewish human rights organization accepts $500, 000 donated by a 30-year-old basketball player.

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