Fix match prediction Alexey Shevchenko: Michkov sent Volkov after a game clash in training. In the NHL they will eat him with such behavior

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Alexey Shevchenko spoke about the behavior of Matvey Michkov.

Rumors constantly talk about what he chooses. Should he go to the exit. They say to him: Go to the SKA-Varyags. He says - I want on our site. Maybe most of this is not true. But they don`t tell me this about the conditional Gritsyuk. I have never been told such a thing about Buchelnikov in my life. That they don`t want to live in a room with Buchelnikov, that Buchelnikov chooses clubs predicted by contacts with fixed picks .

There was a famous story. Famous for me. Training in Novogorsk, Michkov collides with Volkov, game moment, and Matvey sends him. Volkov does not answer, but that is another question. But Michkov loudly sends him.

Who is Volkov - the Stanley Cup winner with one game and a goal - and who is Michkov? I can`t imagine that Gritsyuk or Buchelnikov will be sent in such a situation. We came to the main problem of Matvey - he needs to learn to live. No matter how they choose him, with such behavior they will devour him in the NHL, "said the journalist.

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