Swansea pays crazy money for Renato Sanchez and can not get rid of him

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Renato Sanchez`s career has gone down after his transfer from Benfica to Bayern Munich and although he is currently renting in Swansea, the Portuguese continues to perform very poorly. Some of his plays can hardly be explained, and the final example is the match from soccer live streams against Chelsea on Wednesday when the midfielder puts on an advertising board instead of a teammate. Sky Sports has published information on how much it is worthwhile for Swansea to have with the European champion in 2016. It turns out that swans have paid Bayern ? 7m for Sanchez`s rent, and they also cover most of his ? 50, 000 pay per week.

After a series of disappointing appearances by the 20-year-old midfielder, it was speculated that Swansea could return it to the Bavarians back in January, but that could not be the case. The contract between the two clubs has a special clause that Renato will spend the whole season in England. Moreover, Suozzi does not have the option to redeem the Portuguese in the summer. Although he was replaced on two consecutive matches (against Bournemouth and Chelsea), Sanchez still enjoys the support of swan manager Paul Clement. Former assistant to Carlo Ancelotti in Bayern said:`He will overcome the difficult period. I believe he will soon show his real possibilities.

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