Del Piero:Emre Zhang will fit perfectly to Juventus

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Emre Zhang will fit Juventus `perfectly`, says team legend Alessandro Del Piero. The Italian champion has long been interested in Liverpool`s German midfielder, who has an unexpected status in Juergen Klop`s team and may wish to leave in January. Juventus needs more midfielder players and can bid for Can in the winter, although the German`s contract expires in the summer. `Alegere needs another midfielder because Sami Hedera is often injured, ` Marikizio also did not play for some time because of the injury and was not in the best shape and Pianic did not have the physique as a midfielder, `he said. `Emery Zhang of Liverpool is the perfect option and is not even expensive. ` Juventus needs a player like him, Del Piero added.

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