Toronto touched the big Vince Carter

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So far, Vince Carter was used as the sixth person in the Sacramento rotation, but last night he recorded his first match in Kings` Star. This happened in the hall where the 40-year-old old dog has become a legend and basketball icon for millions of the world - the Air Canada Center in Toronto.

The 198-inch phenomenon of the Raptors game from 1998 to 2004, and now, more than a decade later, was again accepted and sent by fans as if he had never left Canada. Carter was pulled out by coach Dave Yagger ten seconds before the siren, just to be able to take the oaths of the fans who stood up to worship their favorite. In January, Vince will be 41 years old and the tears in his eyes last night, as well as suggestions from the commentators of the game, made it clear that it was quite possible that this was his last match via live soccer events at the Air Canada Center, . Return to Toronto It has not happened yet This is one of the things everyone talks about and everyone says it should happen So . . . If we believe what people say, then my return will happen, `Carter said with a huge smile after the gathering of many reporters. Vickes has seven seasons and more than 400 regular season matches as a Toronto basketball player.

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