Coutinho`s trick in Barca is just a little insignificant

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Barcelona`s new fascinating buy-in, Philippe Coutinho, will soon be putting on Catalan`s team for the first time after Liverpool`s move to 120m euros plus 40, 000, 000 bonuses. As is often the case with big transfers, fans immediately became interested in what number the star would wear in their new club - in the case of Coutinhoy, it was even more interesting because he had one of the most in the back of Anfield-the emblematic numbers - the ten.

In Barcelona, however, the Brazilian can not bear number 10, not because he does not deserve it, but because he is simply owned by Lionel Messi and can not be questioned. But the week is the next number that fits the style of play and the position of Coutinho, but he is currently in the Catalonians with the hard reserve Arda Touran. It is for this reason that Barca fans regret that the Turk has not yet been sold and is still at Camp Nou`s salary.

In that case, the earliest possible for Coutinho`s number is 24, which is not traditionally bound to historical significance, but the Catalans are not exactly that. Grand Andres Iniesta wore exactly 24 in the celebrated 2005/06 season, when under the leadership of Frank Rijkard the club advised by fixsoccerpicks triumphed in the Champions League for the first time by Johan Cruyff`s iconic Dream Team.

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