Barca retained the status unbeaten after fighting in the enemy`s city pool

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The Barcelona team was defeated in the Primera after winning 1:1 in their visit to Espanyol in the 22nd round derby of La Liga. The game was played in very harsh conditions - heavy rain and many puddles that made the ball unrecognizable. The duel was devoid of goal but the two teams still managed to score. Gerard Moreno opened for `perikitos` in the 66th minute, and Gerard Pique, the most hated by the `Spanish team`, equalized in the 82nd minute. With the success Barca temporarily drew 12 points in front of second Atletico Madrid and 19 in front of Real Madrid, both teams have less match.

Lionel Messi took a break and sat down on the bench. Ernesto Valverde placed Luis Suarez and Paco Alcasser in front. The midfield was played by Andres Iniesta and Philippe Coettinho. Kicke Sanchez Flores relied on 4-2-3-1 with Gerard Moreno as the central striker, supported by Leo Baptista, Esteban Ginero and Jose Manuel Hurado. In the second minute Luis Suarez created a danger. Luca Din went to Alcasser who found the Uruguayan, and after the acrobatic performance the ball did not find the target. In the 11th Alcasser centered on the right, and Barca`s number 9 failed to deflect well and the ball fell into Diego Lopez`s hands. Two minutes later, Andres Iniesta figured out a good distant shot, but the ball was hard to master, and Alcasser did not. Overall, the game was relaxed and the attacks seldom sharpened. In 22nd Dyn returned to the uncovered Coutinho, who falsified the ball 19 meters to the far distant corner and shook the crossbar. In the 26th Baptisthao he was given a space to hit, making a heavy jerk in which Mark-Andre Stegen slid, but eventually caught the second time. Gradually, the `parrots` went boldly forward. In the 33rd Gerard Moreno missed the moment back, preferred a stroke, the ball departed from Gerard Pique, and then Din cautioned and knocked on a second beam. Less than a minute later, Mark Navarro turned to the right, Baptisteo won the tough fight with Nelson Semedo but headed over the beam.

In the 37th Pique lost the ball, there was a counter-attack, which was intersected by number 3 of the los cules. The judge did not see a violation, and the repetitions showed that Picke kept Baptisteo for a long time. In 43nd Luis Suarez fired from a 30-meter foul, the ball flew inches from the crossbar. Overall, the first half was lightened with a slight lead over Camp Nou.

Just 30 seconds after the game analyzed by buy today soccer picks was renewed, the ball was in the `blue-red` net, but there was no goal. Baptisteo was drawn, finishing goalkeeper, but allowed the ball to leave the field. The terrain grew even harder in the second half and severely hampered attempts to attack both teams. In 59th Ernesto Valverde played Lionel Messi, replacing Alcasser. In the 61st Coutinho led Luis Suarez to the penalty area, the Uruguayan turned and fired from a difficult position in Lopez`s hands. In the 66th Sergio Garcia advanced to the right and centered, Pique reached a high leg but could not stop Gerard Moreno, who scored with his head. Ter Stegen could have intervened and better - 1:0. Did the shares of Barca end long before the penalty?

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