Iguaine:The English teams are weak in defense

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Juventus striker Gonzalo Iguaine made another strong match and was at the heart of the 2-1 victory over Tottenham at the 1/8-final in the Champions League. The Argentine scored the first and developed the second goal, although it was not in the optimum state. After the meeting, he said the British teams were weak in defense, and that helped the bianconer to succeed. `It was a tough match mentioned by buy today soccer picks against a big team like Tottenham, who was always up to the end and very aggressive, but we know that the English teams have put their defenses in the back and gave us the opportunity to make the best of it. I`m very pleased with the victory because it`s not easy to make a turn at Wembley, I`m proud of the team and the medical staff who did a great job to prepare me for this game, thanks to my wife who was next to mein the last two weeks, which were very painful, `said Iguaine.

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