Westbrook with 100th Triple-Double in NBA, Wins for East Toronto, Indiana, and Cleveland

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Miles Turner scored 25 points, including two penalties 21. 21 seconds before the end, and Indiana Pacers overpowered Philadelphia with 101:98 in a NBA Championship match, and this game seemed a probable rehearsal for the playoffs. Pacers have a balance of 40 wins and 28 defeats and are in 3rd place in the Eastern Conference, while 76 are sixth with 36/30.

Tadeus Young added 19 points and 10 rebounds to compensate for the bad night of Pacers leading Victor Villarreal who finished with 11. Joyel Embyd scored 29 points and 12 rebounds for the Philadelphia hosts and Ben Simons endedtriple-double:10 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists.

Washington, who heads the Southeast Division, fell on his own pitch from Minnesota with 111:116. Carl-Anthony Town recovered from a blow in the mouth that forced him to go out for medical help, and scored an impressive 37 points, and took 10 rebounds. Towns realizes 13 of 17 attempts from standard game situations, as well as three-point experience in the three-point zone. Minnesota led with 105:98 five minutes and a half before the end of the game, but the hosts reduced to 109:111. But 29 seconds before the siren, Towns scored a triad literally from the corner, and the practice decided the game.

Markieff Maurice finished with 29 points for Wizards and Bradley Beal added 19. Oklahoma City overcame 119:107 as last guest at the Eastern Conference Atlanta Hawks. Thunder is the 4th in the Western Conference with 41/29, and Russell Westbrook registers his triple-number 100 career. The guests led 16:0 at the beginning of the fourth part, which decided their game. Westbrook finished the game with 32 points, added 12 assists and 12 more rebounds in his personal stats to become the third player to have hit the 100th so fast. Faster than he did, Oscar Robertsonin 277 matches from buy today soccer picks and Magic Johnson in 656, while Westbrook achieved the score in 736. For the Hawks, Torrey Prince scored 25 points. Cleveland Cavaliers won 129:107 at the Phoenix visit, and the 69th Triple-Double in their career made LeBron James 28 points, 13 rebounds and 11 assists. Cleveland is in 2 nd place in the Central Division with 29 wins and 28 defeats.

Jordan Clarkson finished with 23 points for Kawas and Kyle Corner stayed with 22. Jay Warren and Josh Jackson pulled out 19 points for Phoenix, who are the penultimate at the Western Conference.

The leader of the entire Eastern Conference Toronto defeated 116:102 Outlander Brooklyn and first came to the 50th victory. Jonathan Valanciunas scored 26 points, and also took 14 rebounds on Raptors` 9th consecutive win. DiMar DiRowen and the Fred Van Fleet Reserve scored 15 points each, and Kyle Lowrey added 11 points and 11 assists to Toronto. The Lakers continued to perform much better than the last three seasons, and today it was over Denver with 112:103. The Lizards are 11th in the Western Conference with 31/36, but far from the 8th position.

Isaiah Thomas scored 12 of his 23 points in the fourth. Julius Randall and Kyle Kuzma made 26 points and 13 rebounds each, although Kuzma scored just two points before the break.

The lakers have three voices in their last four games, including Cavaliers with LeBron James in the squad (127:113) on Sunday. About De?

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