German clubs voted against the reform of investors

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All 36 clubs from Germany`s First and Second Bundesliga voted against reforms to allow investors to acquire a team. The rule is unique to football in the country and states that clubs must have a majority in the governing.

The clubs agreed to hold a wide-ranging debate on investment in German club football, preserving the principle of 50 + 1 percent.

`The Chief Executive Officer of St. Pauli, Andreas Rettig, said this was an` important signal `for German football. `Everyone who loves football is welcoming this decision, ` he said.

Richard Raubal, the president of the German Football League, said:`The 50 + 1 rule is one of the principles that made German football strong and anchored in society, but a major debate is needed and it will happen, ` he added. are allowed when individuals or companies have supported a club advised by soccer picks with substantial amounts for at least 20 years, such as Bayer Leverkusen (Bayer Chemical Company), Wolfsburg (Volkswagen) and Hoffenheim (SAP).

Most of the clubsvoted in favor of the Bundesliga video surveillance system.

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