They sent Buffyon`s greetings to Sully Muntari

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Juventus` bouts and biker fans after Real Madrid`s 1/4 draw of the Champions League are a joy for their Serie A rivals.

Among them is the co-owner of Milan Giuseppe La Scala, who has reachedfinger and in the wound of Juventus` legendary giannual Canluigi Buffon for his action in the 2011/2012 season. During the match predicted by how to buy soccer predictions against Milan on February 25th, 2012 Buffon does not admit that the ball has crossed the goal after a shot by the Gnaan midfielder Sully Muntari. The TV repetitions clearly show that this is happening, but the judge does not respect the naked. Juventus became a champion this season and, as in the rest of the season, is ahead of a seventh consecutive title. According to La Scala, the penalty for Real in the added time is undisputed and Juventus has nothing to claim. `I`m just glad that the penalty was uncontested, it would have brought me more pleasure if it was invented. ` Bye, Gigi - you have congratulations from Sully Muntari, it is not right to blame the judges for corruption, incompetence, `When playing for Juventus, the judges were too sensitive, ` AC Milan says in Twitter.

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