Abramovich will quell the fire in Chelsea

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Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is worried about the growing gap between manager Antonio Conte and the team`s players and has decided to personally intervene in settling the conflicts, writes the Daily Mail.

On Monday, he left Chelsea`s Technical Director Michael Emelalo, who cited the reluctance to take part in the conflict between Conte and the director at the Marina Granovska club. The tensions between them arose in the summer, and leaving Emmenalo has alarmed Abramovich, who has seen him as one of the few people in Chelsea whom he can trust. Currently, Conte is in a strained relationship with Brazilian defender David Lewis, who did not fit into the Manchester United match. Conte cited tactical motives as motive, but others cited as a major reason a scandal between them after losing to Roma in WL. With his intervention, Abramovich hopes to end the schism.

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