England`s former top referee emphasized drinking

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England`s former top scorer Mark Clintonburg has revealed an interesting detail about how he can handle the strain after leading big games. The decision, according to the Englishman, is the consumption of large quantities of beer. As it is known, in February, the 43-year-old judge left his home country to play matches in Saudi Arabia. Previously he was the chief referee of the UEFA Champions League and FA Cup finals, as well as that of Euro 2016 in France.

How do you release tension from playing important duels? Drink plenty of beer! Before I called my wife after a game by livescores and she knew in my voice whether he was good to me or not. If it was a nightmare, getting home, I found her in bed, and the fridge was full of beer. If she was successful, she was waiting for me, Claptonber wrote in her Paddy Power column.

It`s terrible after the fight if you made a mistake. Then driving home is very difficult. If you had a good game, you would like to listen to radio programs that discuss it. But if it was a nightmare, you would have played music, he added.

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