Milan`s new owners:This is the dawn of a new era in the club

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The official site of Italian team Milan came out with an official statement on today`s change of club leadership. After the change of ownership last week, with Eliot joining the club, Milan today elected a new board of directors at today`s Milan shareholders` meeting, signaling the dawn of a new era in the club. The new board is comprised of Paolo Scaroni, Marko Patuano, Frank Twill, Giorgio Furlani, Stefano Kochirio, Salvatore Chrychion, Alfredo Krakka and Canluca Dracso. With immediate effect Marco Fasone leaves the club`s CEO. Present board member Paolo Scaroni was elected president and has the authority to lead the club temporarily until the appointment of a new CEO. Announcement of the new director will be done soon.

The board will meet again to review a new business plan that will present a clear path to the team`s return to the Champions League. The board also discussed a new budget for the club. The aim will be to strengthen the team`s fitness in accordance with the UEFA Financial Fairplay rules. As it was clear from yesterday`s CAS decision, the financial situation in the club is now better as a consequence of the recent change in ownership of the club. Eliot has already expressed his strong support for the club with his intention to invest 50m euros in club capital and believes that today`s changes will be key to achieving a long-term success for the club, the announcement says. I appreciate the opportunity to lead the Milan Board of Directors and I am grateful for the faith and support of the other members. This is a critical moment in club via soccer live streams history and we are all glad that we have a new owner who is committed to the return of Milan to his old glory. At board level, we will do our best to put the coach and players in a winning position. We have a very hard work to go forward and we are eager to build on today`s foundations, `said new President Paolo Scaroni.

The election of a new board is a new step for the return of Milan in the right direction. Elliot is well positioned to provide financial stability and proper management for world-class success and world-class experience for fans. We know what place Milan has in the world of football and we are aware of the responsibility that comes with the ownership of such a franchise franchise, `said Eliot CEO Paul Singer.

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