The Arsenal captain had to leave the team before the heavy injury

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Arsenal captain Laurent Cosiellny had plans to leave the team this summer before he suffered an injury in the Achilles in May, for which he missed the World Cup in Russia. That`s what the agent of 33-year-old French defender Stefan Courbis told French football.

When he hit his hand in the ground, I immediately realized it was serious and that was the end. At this point, everything went through my head, including the worst, which was confirmed when he realized he had broken an Achilles tendon and would miss the World Cup. Laurent would have played his last games by live soccer events in his career for Arsenal. He started thinking about eventual leaving with Arsene Wenger. It was the right time to leave with the arrival of a new manager. I was already expecting it to happen with two or three offers that made us start thinking.

We were open to different options like China and France. He is not seen playing for another English team. After Oliver Marseille`s interest last season, the opportunity to return to League 1 came into his mind. That was a real opportunity, `said Curbis.

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