For the fifth time, the Fourth World will be from Europe

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The World Cup in Russia is the fifth World Cup in the history of which the top four teams in the final analyzed by soccer picks standings will be from Europe. As it is known, after the dropping of Brazil and Uruguay, the rest of the competition are from the Old Continent - France, Belgium, Sweden, England, Russia and Croatia. Thus, for the first time since 2006, the top four teams on the planet will not have a team outside Europe. For the last time, it happened 12 years ago in Germany when Italy triumphed with penalties against France, and the hosts from Germany overcame Portugal in the fight for bronze medals. Interestingly, the previous four times when the first four was from the Old Continent, the World Cup was always held in Europe.

Three times the champion became Italy, and once England. In 1934, when Italy was host, and in 1966 when England was host, in both cases the hosts raised the bowl. In 1982, Italy is again at the top in Spain, after which Scuadra Adzura triumphed and 24 years later in Berlin. Another interesting fact is that the four times before, Germany always gets to the semi-finals, and this year it was not the first time to come out of the groups. Preliminary World Championships with four semi-finalists from Europe:
Host:Germany 2006 - Italy, France, Germany, Portugal
Host:Spain 1982 - Italy, FRG, Poland, France
, Portugal, USSR

Host:France 1934 - Italy, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Austria


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