Hounes startled the players, gave them 3-4 months

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Planning to refresh, refresh or directly replace players in Bayern Munich depends on each player`s performance in the next few months, warns club via contacts with fixed picks president Uli Hones. `It must be explained to the players that they have been under pressure in the last months and this pressure will continue for the next 3-4 months, ` added Hones and hurled that they held the answer to the question of whoone will count on who else.

There is a lot of speculation in the media about who will stay and who will leave the German champion`s dressing room, some media say that veterans Franck Ribery (35), Arien Robben(34) and Rafina (33) contracts will not be renewed.

World Champion with France Benjamin Pavar is one of the eyesbut he is in a series of six consecutive titles in Germany but he is not convincing this season this weekend. `The defeat over the past weekend from Borussia (Dortmund) left him in 5th place, 7 points from the leader, but he started the process of renewing the team.

Meanwhile Franck Ribery apologized to the French TV journalist who hit three times and then hit the chest after the matchwith Borussia. The two met in Munich on Wednesday in the presence of Uli Hones and sports director Hassan Salihamidzic. According to the media, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, chairman of the club`s board, was furious about the incident and ordered the match to be done in the fastest way so as not to influence the club`s image.

The incident cost Ribery the Bambi Award, which was to be awarded to Robben in recognition of their creative play in the Bundesliga. `We, as a media, do not accept this attitude with other media colleagues, so the prize will not be awarded to him, ` commented Hubert Burda Media.

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