Soccer pick 2018 and the tactics:how Madrid and France took their own

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The same foundations were everywhere:it would have been easy to believe that football in 2018 would have shrunk to the triumph of the press-and-sway approach. Manchester City applies it, Liverpool applies it, Tottenham applies it, Chelsea applies it, Arsenal applies it, Barcelona applies it, Juventus applies it, Napoli applies it, Bayern (Munich) applies it, Borussia (Dortmund)Germain shows under the direction of Thomas Tuchel signs that he applies it. Manchester United did not apply it, and Jose Mourinho was fired after the gray start of the season when his ideas seemed more and more mischievous.
Yet the two biggest races of the year were won by teams that did not play that way. Try to find out between the successes of France in the World Cup and Real Madrid in the Champions League, and perhaps the only conclusions would be that you have more chances to triumph if:1) you have Rafael Varan in your team;2) Your coach has won the World Cup with France as a player in 1998 and his name is an example of alliteration.
Part of the reasons why the best world championship has been so fun for quite some time is that it did not satisfy itself with the simple justification of expectations. The most common in recent international tournaments was fragmented football, as the time-limited coaching teams focused on shaping defensive structures and neglected the fluidity of the attack. However, this certainly did not apply in Russia.

France did not sing in the general choir of the offensive game by livescores and the presentation of moments was more boring even from Didier Descan`s press conferences. Still, the cocks somehow found themselves involved in the 4:3 and 4:2 thrillers that the tournament goal was scored by their right back, attacked. None of the above had any particular meaning, and then, today.
The success of Real Madrid in the Champions League is just as difficult to fit into some general tactical direction. It is rooted not so much in a brilliant strategic plan as in winning the moments. Cristiano Ronaldo continued to score crucial goals, Sergio Ramos -;to make decisive interventions in defense, Zinedine Zidane -;to make decisive shifts, and the goalie goalkeepers -;to make crucial mistakes. This is not the template to follow -;it`s not even the La Liga winning pattern.
Almost anywhere else, however, over-dominate dominated. There are, of course, variations:Josep Guardiola`s football is not the same as Jurgen Klop. However, the underlying principles are the same:press tightly to win the ball as high as possible on the pitch, try to make a smooth and sharp counter-attack, and if that is not possible, hold the ball as far as possible.

And yet there is something eloquent about the fact that Madrid and France were successful, not playing that way. It is a recall that football is a church with wide openings for multiple interpreted doors, and an indicator that no matter how exciting elite football is these days, it is often only a facade. Simply put, no one is particularly good at defending, which makes Leven so enchanting?

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