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Manchester United continues to fly under the direction of his interim manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Tonight, the Red Devils beat New Jersey Park Newcastle on a 21st round of the Premier League, recording the fourth consecutive success under the leadership of the Norwegian. This time the game was resolved by the reserves of Romulus Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez. The Belgian opened the score in the 64th minute and the Chilean assisted for the second goal of Marcus Rassford in the 80th minute. So Manchester United left with a decent success and three points in his assets.
The hosts staked in this match of Jose Salomon Rondon at the top of the attack, and he was assisted by Ayas Perez and Christian Atsu on both wings.

Meanwhile, United came out with Marcus Rashford as the central striker, and behind him were Antoni Marciail, Paul Pogba and Juan Mata.

The guests started more actively and in the 4th minute Paul Pigba tried a diagonal shot to the left, but did not make it difficult for Martin Dubravka.
In the 9th minute, Rapsford fired dangerously from a foul and this time Dubravka had to be more careful to keep his door.
In the 13th minute, Newcastle created its first goal danger. Atsu broke to the left and made a treacherous blow on land, but David de Hea rescued. Just a minute later, a new opportunity emerged in front of the Ghanaian, who this time fired less and did not hinder the opponent`s watch.
In the 24th minute, a terrible mistake in Newcastle`s defense allowed Rashford to look his way through with the goalie but he could not overcome his shot in his body.
In the 30th minute, Paul Pogba made a good shot at land from the border of the penalty area and the ball went dangerously near the door.
Two minutes later United organized another nice touch with one touch, but again Dubravka watched the game analyzed by contacts with fixed picks well and did not allow Mata to overcome it.
In the 34th minute, Newcastle was in an interesting position, as Ronon was found in front of the goal area but his header shot was over the door.
The Red Devils continued to be the more active team at the start of the second, but the first more interesting attack was for the hosts. In the 57th minute, Atsu fired from a distance on land and was not far from the target.
In the 60th minute and Jonjo Shelvi kicked in a good position, but De Hea was in place and saved.
In the 64th minute, however, Manchester United came to the opening. Marcus Rhapsford fired a tough shot, goalkeeper Dubravka did not interfere well and Romulus Lukaku was the most compelling to take a close shot. Interestingly, the Belgian scored with his first touch to the ball after coming into play just a few seconds earlier.
In the 75th minute, Newcastle was close to leveling. Atsu made a powerful shot that flashed past the beam.
In the 80th minute, however, the guests shot a new shot. Alexis Sanchez, in a great way, found Rapsford in the penalty area, who coolly fired the goalie`s goal 0:2.
In the 89th minute, Shelley shot a good shot, but he crossed the crossbar.
In the added time of the match, Paul Pogba missed an excellent opportunity to make the score classic. He was driven to speed, he flipped the door

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